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Hobbies include: sitting at your computer until it turns dark all around you and you realize you haven’t done anything productive with your day whatsoever

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Nono you don’t understand. I’ve got a great sense of fashion, I’m just poor as fuck

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Aww thank you dear!!

First I do this abs workout  (for an easier lvl click this)
Then I do this buttocks workout
Then I do this exercise to train my balance
To finish it all off I stretch to calming music :D 

If I’m in a rush I only do the abs workout. I do this every other day. Hope this helps!


Every person is different which means what works for me, might not work for you, but here is what I do :) -

I never touch myself in the face and neeever scratch a pimple.
I drink a lot of water
I don’t spend a lot of money on expencive creams and lotions but just wash my face with the most natural thing in the world - water. Just massage cold (the cool closes your pores) water into your face every morning and night and after any exercise to remove grease.
Whenever I feel I need it, I make a scrub using organic honey and salt with no iodine (they add iodine in most salt in Denmark, I don’t know if they do it in other contries too though) to remove black heads. You can decide the amount of salt in the scrub depending on how thorough you want it to be.

Hope this helps! 

My diet really requires determination and a will to pull through, but if you are able to pull it through you will  se results. 

My “rules” are as following -
Obviously no candy, cake, icecream, chips, fries, burgers etc
No bread, pasta, rice, potatoes - these are all carbs
Instead of snacking, drink a big glass of water, if still hungry - eat some tomato, cucumber etc. Something I find helpful is if I make a great deal out of every meal, so instead of just snacking on a cucumber I make a salad. 
Something I’ve found really helpful is if I avoid fruits, because if I start eating something sweet, my  body just wants more and I start eating crap. 
Many diets tell you to cut down on meat - but on this diet, eat all the meat you want - meat gives you protein and builds up your muscles. Combine this with a well thought out fitness program and you will start seeing results. 
Do not skip meals!! Skipping meals will make you more likely to binge and want to eat out half the kitchen. 
Eat a lot of eggs, meat, fish and vegetables.
Drink a lot of water - your body is an engine that both needs food and water to go.

These are all methods that have worked for me, it’s the healthiest way to loose weight, but also tough in the long run.

Have a goal - if you haven’t got a goal, you will never really feel like you loose enough. If you set a goal for yourself, you will feel more than proud of yourself when achieving it. 

If you really need a “unhealthy” snack then eat nuts and chocolate with 80% or more coco. 

For a great and healthy thinspo blog check this out

And lastly, if you binge and eat a lot of crap one day - move on! Tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to be healthy.

Good luck! :)